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Don’t you just love that first harvest of fresh fruit? The bees are busy working away in the orchards spring is in the air. Then we get to go to the market and see a ray of amazing colors from Peaches, Mangos, Apples, etc. You take that first bite out of a peach and the juice runs down your face and onto our hands. Then your mind takes you back to a time when life was so simple. That fresh sweet nectar of that peach just makes you smile. But did you know that DRIED FRUIT was just as GOOD as fresh fruit...

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Pine nuts are one of the lesser known nut varieties, but they have been increasing in popularity over recent years. These nuts have a tasty, buttery flavor and they work well as a snack and provide a delicious flavor when used in cooking. This article examines their nutrition profile and the potential health benefits (and drawbacks) they offer. Are pine nuts good for you? WHAT ARE PINE NUTS? Pine nuts are the edible seeds of the pine tree. A hard shell surrounds these nuts, and this shell is enclosed within a pine cone. We can see the actual nuts themselves in the...

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Did you Know this about Pistachios?

Pistachio’s: The pistachio is a member of the cashew family and is a small tree originating from central Asia and the Middle East and are a beautiful green nut coated in a purple and pink. Dying the shell red or green covered up the stains. But today about 98 percent of pistachio’s sold in the U.S. are grown in California, where a more mechanized harvesting process means that the nuts are picked, hulled and dried before the shell has a chance to become stained, so there is no need to dye them.


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