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Purify Your Inner Body From Harmful Toxins.

Are you experiencing the following symptoms: Chronic fatigue / exhausted / weight gain/feeling stressed / low mood/headaches/ brain fog/ poor memory and balancing problems?

 Then it's time to listen to your inner body and start a detox program as soon as possible. Before you commence on any detox program, you should firstly contact your family doctor. Explain your symptoms and let your doctor advise you on the best approach to cleanse your vital organs.

 The steps to detox your body 

1.) Drink plenty of clean water.

2.) Keep your bowels moving at least once or twice a day.

3.) Have a source of probiotics in your diet.

4.) Focus on organic produce.

5.) Eat healthy fats: Avocados, Whole eggs, Fatty Fish, Nuts, Seeds, Dark Chocolate, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

6.) Detoxifying foods: Whole -grains, beans, nuts, vegetables, and fresh fruit, and dried fruit.

7.) Limit your flour and sugar intake.

8.) Minimize drugs, stimulants, and sedatives.

9.) Take a Spa treatment or a sauna.

10) Be Active: Yoga, Pilates, light gym workout, 

 When you are detoxing, you will experience the following.

You are about to give your body a Friday the 13th experiences ( Hello Jason) and, you will experience the following symptoms, headaches, tiredness, irritability from suddenly avoiding caffeine, sugar, wheat, nicotine, and alcohol. Do not worry about it perfectly normal. It just means your body has started to expel all those harmful toxins. Your brain is likely to see several improvements on a detox diet but not in the first couple of days. By the third day of detox, you will start feeling lighter and, your energy levels will rapidly improve, and you will experience mental clarity.

Danger of Heavy Meatal & How to do a heavy Metal Detox.

Exposure to toxic heavy metals believed to be a contributing factor, if not a root cause, of symptoms like low energy, mood disturbances, and cognitive changes. Heavy metals first enter your bloodstream from exposure to farmed fish, contaminated water, dental fillings, and household products. These metals then travel throughout your body and penetrate the cells of various tissues and organs, where they can remain stored up for years!

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