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Are You Killing Yourself Slowly?

Do you exactly know what you are eating from the benefits of overindulging and the side-effects it may have on your body?

Right, let's get serious for a moment. We all love our food and, there is hardly one person on this planet would turn down a good meal or snack, am I right? Ribs in BBQ Sauce cemented to your hands and face, ice cream covered in hot chocolate fudge with nuts sprinkled on top, an extra hot spicy curry that makes you put the bog roll in the fridge for two days. But as we all know, oh too well humans love to overdo it and what are the repercussions and can our body heal itself fast enough.

Oxford University study found that the fat that you consume in your food ends up on your midsection within less than 4 hours. Fatty foods and sugar are not your friends. 

Sugar plays a destructive role in living a healthy and active lifestyle. Overindulging in sweetened foods and beverages can lead to weight gain, blood sugar problems, and an increased risk of heart disease, among other hazardous conditions to your lifespan. Sugary drinks cause 184,000 deaths worldwide annually.

In 2008 the United States consumed a whopping 28kg of added sugar per person. That's an intake of 76.7 grams per day = 19 teaspoons of sugar. 


Excess sugar consumption may have dire consequences with causing following bodily harm.

1) Obesity

2) Type 2 Diabetes

3) Fatal Heart Disease

4) Severe Tooth Decay

5) Linked to different types of Cancers. 

How long does it take to flush out sugar in your body?

In the latest article from The Journal of American Osteopathic Association, it takes as soon as nine days.

A single change in your diet improves your metabolic results in two weeks.

We enjoy cooking a steak, chops, or good old boerewors in butter with salt, pepper, garlic, with fresh rosemary in the evening for dinner with a nice glass of red wine. Red meat, in general, is absolutely not a good idea to eat a very day. I am not saying give it up completely, and throw away your lawnmower and start chowing down on your lawn like a donkey. Your neighbors might think you have lost the plot and call the boys and girls in white jackets.


A study at Harvard School of Public Health shows that replacing one serving of red meat with one serving of mixed nuts reduces your mortality risk by at least 19%. 

Recommended that you have two portions per week about 350g-500g cooked weight and consume very little processed meat. 

Red meat can cause inflammation in your stomach, increase your risk of type-2 diabetes, and remove up to two years of your lifespan. The downside to red meat is its amount of fat, cholesterol, and sodium content. 

How Many Nut's Should You Consume.

Have you ever wonder while getting stuck into a packet of nuts, is there a limit to how many nuts we should be eating per day, and are there side effects. Well, yes, there is and, you should stick to the recommended amount.

Almonds are a rich source of Vitamin E a, potent antioxidant. Only eat 8-10 almonds in a day that goes a long way in adding valuable nutrients to your diet. Side effects of eating too many almonds may cause irritable bowel syndrome.

Cashew Nuts are lower in fiber and higher in carbs than most nuts. They're still a protein-packed snack loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants. But like any other nut, there is a limit to eating cashew nuts recommend, a daily intake of 15 cashew nuts per day. Some dieticians experts recommend eating only 4-5 cashew a day to avoid gaining weight but, that is up for some serious debate.

Peanuts or Peanut butter as a nutrition addition to your diet can be done without a guilty conscience when eating the right portions. The daily recommended daily serving is a handful of peanuts 1-2 ounces solely depending on your size or two tablespoons of peanuts butter.


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