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Sesame seeds 100g Bestnut. Seeds, Sesame Recipes, Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds, Seeds, Vegan Sancks, Vegan Food, Vegan Baking Recipes.

Sesame Seeds 100G | Bestnut.

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Sesame Seeds 100g | Bestnut.

Health benefits of Sesame Seeds.

1) Sesame seeds may aid in blood cell formation, support the healing process in bones, and brilliant source of plant protein. 

2) Sesame seeds have been used in medicine for thousands of years. 

3) Trading between the Mesopotamia and Indian subcontinent occurred around 2000 BC.

4) Tanzania is the world's largest producer of sesame seeds.

5) Uses for sesame seeds are stir-fries, steamed broccoli, hot oats, granola bars, Homemade bread rolls, yoghurt, and smoothies.

6) Sesame oils can be used to saute meats and vegetables or add to a salad dressing.

Tip: Toast sesame seeds until golden brown, mix with vegetable oil and blend the seeds.

Sesame oil will form on top of the ingredients. Keep in the fridge for up to one or two years.

Recipe Sesame Chicken.

Appetizing Treat.

1) Sesame Chicken.

Recipe By: Home Cooking Recipe / Khin.

Recommend Daily Consumption & Storage:

1) Shelf life 6-8 months at room temperature.

2) They can last up to one year if stored in the fridge.

3) Recommend daily consumption of sesame seeds is one handful daily.


Sesame Seeds.


Seeds / Sesame Seeds. 


 All Products Are Vegan-Friendly, Halaal, and Kosher Approved. 


May Contain Traces of Groundnuts and Tree Nuts.

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