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Hoeny Roasted Almonds 100g Pack, Roasted Almonds With Honey Benefits. How To Bake Honey Roasted Almonds. Almonds Nuts, Honey Nuts, Honey.

Almonds Honey Roasted Nuts 100G | Glazed Nuts | Bestnut.

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Almonds Honey Roasted Nuts 100g | Glazed Nuts | Bestnut.

Health Benefits of Honey and Almonds.

1) Honey almonds can suppress an irritating cough.

2) One handful of honey roasted almonds can benefit by increasing antioxidants to help heal wounds faster.

3) Honey roasted almonds can reduce hunger and may promote weight loss.

4) Almonds are beneficial for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

5) Honey roasted almonds can be added to cakes, waffles, oats, cereal, energy bars and pancakes. The best way to consume these little beauties is straight from the pack!!

Recipe Almond Butter Overnight Oats With Bananas & Honey.

Appetizing treat.

1) Almond Butter Overnight Oats with Bananas and Honey.

Recipe By: Laura Fuentes.

Recommend Daily Consumption & Storage:

1) Daily recommended consumption of honey roasted almonds should be only 40 grams daily.

2) For maintaining the true quality of almond nuts is to place them in the fridge.

3) To increase the life span of almonds up to a year place them in the freezer in an air-tight container.


Honey and Roasted Almonds.


Almonds / Roasted Nuts / Honey. 


All Products Are Vegan-Friendly, Halaal, and Kosher Approved. 


May Contain Traces of Groundnuts and Tree Nuts.

Countries of Origin: 

U.S.A. / Spain.

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