100G Pumpkin Seeds Green.

100G Pumpkin Seeds Green.

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Green Pumpkin Seeds.

Ingredients: Seeds / Pumpkin Seeds / Green Seeds.

Benefits and Description: Lightweight Packaging / Nutrition Chart on The Packaging / Health Benefits / Great Sources of Fiber / Plant Compounds / Vegan Plant Protein / Vegan Snack Food / Lower Blood Cholesterol / May Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer / Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease / May Help Increase Sexual Functions /  May Lower the Risk of Bladder Stones / Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and Vitamin E / Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease / Zinc / L-arginine / Omega-3s / Recipes / Chewy No-Bake Energy Bars / Pumpkin Soup / No-Bake / 5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Energy Balls / Oatmeal Energy Balls / Ready to Eat Store in a Sealed Container in a Cool Dry Pantry / All Products are Vegan-Friendly, Halaal and Kosher Approved. 

Allergens: May Contain Traces of Groundnuts and Tree Nuts.

Country of Origin: China.

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