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Standard Delivery Charge R85. Orders Placed Over R500 Free Delivery In South Africa.
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Nuts and Dried Fruit 200G | Jungle Mix | Bestnut.

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Nuts and Dried Fruit 200g | Jungle Mix  | Bestnut.

Dried Fruit And Nut Health Benefits.

1) Dried fruit and nuts are almost one of the healthiest treats you can eat.

2) Most dieticians recommend you eat a handful of nuts and dried fruit daily.

3) Dried fruit contains 3.5 times the amount of vitamins and minerals as fresh fruit.

4) Jungle mix can be added to muesli, trail mixes, oats, snack bars, and smoothies.

Recipe No-Bake Tropical Energy Bars ( With Coffee Crunch).

Appetizing Treat.

1) No Bake Tropical Energy Bars ( With Coffee Crunch ).

Recipe By: Easy And Delish / Denise Browing.

Recommend Daily Consumption & Storage:

1) Recommend storage for dried fruit is four months to one year.

2) Dried fruit can be affected by heat and fluctuating temperatures in the kitchen.

3) Best to store dried fruit in an air-tight container and place it in the fridge or freezer.

4) Recommend daily consumption of nuts, and dried fruit intake is about 30-40 grams daily.


Banana / Pineapple / Strawberry / Raisins /  Mango / Guava / Cashew Nuts Raw / Sultanas.


Hydrated Pineapple and Strawberry Cubes / Coconut Oil / Sulphur dioxide / Raw Nuts.


All Products Are Vegan-Friendly, Halaal, and Kosher Approved.


May Contain Traces of Groundnuts and Tree Nuts.

Country of Origin: 

South Africa / U.S.A / Vietnam.

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