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Standard Delivery Charge R85. Orders Placed Over R500 Free Delivery In South Africa.
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Prunes Pitted 200g Bestnut, Prunes, Plumes, Dried Fruit, Constipation, Healthy Gut,  Muscels Builder, Blood Pressure.  Cholesterol Levels.

Dried Prunes Pitted 200G | Dried Fruit | Bestnut.

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Dried Prunes Pitted 200g | Dried Fruit | Bestnut.

Health Benefits of Dried Prunes (Plums).

1) Dried prunes have the power to keep your bones and muscles strong, due to the fact they contain a mineral called boron which builds strong bones and muscles and improves mental acuity and muscle coordination.

2) Prunes are especially beneficial because they can fight off bone density loss from radiation.

3) Prunes may be used as a snack, add to your breakfast oatmeal, mix with nuts and dark chocolate chips for a trail mix, add to fruit cakes, and blend into a smoothie.

Tip: If You Are On A Low Fat Diet You May Want Add Prunes To Your Diet. They Can Suppress Hunger Far Better Thay A Low Fat Cookie.

Recipe Rich Beef & Prune Stew.

Appetizing Treat.

1) Rich Beef and Prune Stew (Instant Pot or Slow Cooker).

Recipe By: Slimming Eats / Siobhan.

Recommend Daily Consumption & Storage:

1) Properly stored in an air-tight container dried prunes will maintain their finest freshest quality for about six months to one year.

2) Ready to eat store in a sealed container in a cool dry pantry or fridge.

3) Food and Drug Administration and International guidelines recommend consuming up to 40 grams of dried fruit daily.


Dried Prunes.


Prunes Pitted / Dried Fruit / Dried Plums / Preservatives / Sulphur Dioxide.


All Products Are Vegan-Friendly, Halaal, and Kosher Approved. 


May Contain Traces of Groundnuts and Tree Nuts.

Country of Origin:

South Africa.

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