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Cape Dried Peaches 1kg Bestnut, Dried Fruit, Peaches, Health Benefits of Dried Fruit, Benefits Of Peaches, Baking With Drtied Fruit.

Dried Peaches 1KG | Cape Dried Fruit | Bestnut.

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Dried Peaches 1Kg | Cape Dried Fruit | Bestnut.

Health Benefits of Cape Dried Peaches.

1) Dried peaches paired with nuts and Greek yoghurt is an ideal pre-workout meal.

2) Dried peaches are full of natural sugar NOT processed sugar which is chemically produced. 

3) The sweet fresh nectar of fresh peaches just makes you smile BUT dried peaches are just as good as fresh peaches if not better. 

4) Dried peaches are jam-packed with potassium and low in sodium.

5) Dried peaches reduce the risk significantly of strokes and heart diseases.

6) Dried peaches combine brilliantly with yoghurt and nuts, smoothies, stews, peach scones, peach and walnut cookies, oats mixed with trail mix, granola bars add sunflower, sesame, pecan and honey bars. YUM!!

Recipe Peach Pie Fudge.

Appetizing Treat.

1) Peach Pie Fudge.

Recipe By: Sweet Recipes.

Recommend Daily Consumption & Storage:

1) Recommend storage for dried fruit is four months to one year.

2) Dried fruit can be affected by heat and fluctuating temperatures in the kitchen.

3) Best to store dried fruit in an air-tight container and place dried peaches into the fridge or freezer.

4) International guidelines recommend consuming up to 40 grams of dried peaches daily.


Cape Dried Peaches.


Dried Fruit / Peaches / Fruit / Dried Peaches / Sulphur Dioxide.


All Products Are Vegan-Friendly, Halaal, & Kosher approved.


May Contain Traces of Groundnuts and Tree Nuts.

Country of Origin: 

South Africa.

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