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Dried Cranberries 400g Bestnut, Dried Fruit Cranberries, Cranberrie Recipes, Cranberrie Smoothie, Health Antioxidants, Cranberries.  Health Benefits of Cranberries. Where To Buy Cranberries In South Africa.

Dried Cranberries 400G | Dried Fruit | Bestnut.

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Dried Cranberries 400g | Dried Fruit | Bestnut.

Benefits of Dried Cranberries.

1) Dried cranberries are essential for maintaining healthy skin, muscles, and bones.

2) Dried cranberries are brilliant in preventing urinary infections and stomach cancers.

3) Dried cranberries can assist in helping the body fight off cancer cells and supply the body with anti-inflammatory properties.

4) Cranberries have anti-inflammatory and bone-strengthening nutrients which help with pre and post-work.

5) Dried cranberries can be added to baked goods, muesli bars, morning oats hot or cold, smoothies, ice cream, dessert dishes, oxtail, and pasta bolognese dishes.

Recipe White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies.

Appetizing treat. 

1) White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies.

Recipe By: The Recipe Critic / Alyssa Rivers.

Recommend Daily Consumption & Storage:

1) Dried cranberries can last up to six to twelve months at normal room temperature.

2) Ready to Eat Store in a Sealed Container in a Cool Dry Pantry.

3) A good place to start with dried cranberries is a one-third cup serving daily. 

4) Food and Drug Administration and International guidelines recommend consuming up to 30-40 grams of dried fruit daily.


Dried Cranberries.


Dried Cranberries / Sugar / Citric Acid / Elderberry juice concentrate / Sunflower Oil.


All Products Are Vegan-Friendly, Halaal, and Kosher Approved. 


May Contain Traces of Groundnuts and Tree Nuts.

Country of Origin: 

The USA.

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