100G Mixed Nuts Honey Glazed.

100G Mixed Nuts Honey Glazed.

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Honey Glazed Mixed Nuts.

Mixed Nuts & 100% Pure Honey.

Ingredients:  Almonds / Cashew / Brazilnuts / Hazelnuts / Nuts / Mixed Nuts / Roasted Nuts / Tree Nuts / Vegetable Oil / Salt / Sulphur Dioxide /Honey / Glazed Nuts / Mixed Nuts / Natural Nuts / Tree Nuts / Natural Honey.

Benefits and Description: Lightweight Packaging / Nutrition Chart on The Packaging / Health Benefits of Mixed Nuts / Great Source of Nutrients / Packed with Antioxidants /  May Aid in Lowering Cholesterol / Maybe Beneficial in Type 2 Diabetes / High in Fiber / Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure in Check / Keep Hungar Pains at Bay / Brilliant effect on keeping a healthy stomach / Raisins Can Help Remove Harmful Toixs and fluids from Your Body / A Handful of Raisins before a Workout May Work Just As Well As An Energy Drink / Baking with Mixed Nuts / Coconut Cookies with Mixed Nuts / Salty Mixed Nuts Cookies / Mixed Nut Cookies / Mixed Nut and Seed Bread / Date and Mixed Nut Bread / Mixed Seeds and Nut Bread / Mixed Nuts and Honey Bars / Granola Bars with Mixed Nuts / Mixed Nut Cereal /  Vegan Protein / Vegan Snacks / Workout Snacks / Ready to Eat Store in a Sealed Container in a Cool Dry Pantry / All Products are Vegan-Friendly, Halaal and Kosher Approved. 

Allergens: May Contain Traces of Groundnuts and Tree Nuts.

Country of Origin: U.S.A  / Vietnam / Bolivia / Turkey

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