Let me ask you a question? have you been storing your nuts incorrectly do you place them in a pantry or place them in the cupboard. You might just wont to reconsider this move here why.

Leaving your nuts next to pungent-smelling foods or spices can change the flavor and freshness. Nuts like to absorb the smells from onions and other high-odor foods.

A brilliant rule to keep in mind when keeping your nuts fresh is to think of your nuts as produces not packaged goods. Keep your nuts away from heat and oxygen as they are the number one killer to nuts. Room, temperature can keep your nuts fresh for a very short period, but cooler temperatures like the fridge are the best place to store nuts.

To extend the shelf life of your beloved nuts store them in the freezer this will extend them to year or two. Little tip places them in an airtight container mark the container with the date so you know which ones to eat first.

The container should be cleaned and washed then dried thoroughly your container should be airtight with a rubber seal so no oxygen can get in. Place your nuts into the freezer 0 degrees Fahrenheit ( -18 degrees Celsius) or lower.

If you are storing nuts from your garden or purchased them from a farmers market, you must wash and freeze for a minimum of 2 days before you consume them to kill off any leaf-footed bugs, stink bugs, and eggs.

"Be careful not to confuse leaf-footed bug damage with damage by stink bugs. Both pests damage nuts by probing them with their needle-like mouthparts, and both result in gumming on the hull. In most cases, leaf-footed bug damage occurs in March and April while stink bug damage is more common in May and June.

 Another way to distinguish damage, considering that symptoms are so similar, is to find the actual bugs or their egg masses; stink bug eggs are barrel-shaped and laid in clusters in contrast to leaf-footed bug eggs, which are laid end-to-end in strands." ( information from UC IPM).

Eating a handful of rancid nuts won't place you in a hospital bed but eating old nuts over a period of years can eventually cause problems.

In very rare cases, eating rancid or contaminated nuts may cause symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and extrema abdominal cramping advise you to get medical attention.

If your nuts start to taste a little funky toast them for 5-10 minutes at 350-degrees in an open pan or tray this should bring back the full-body freshness. Unfortunately once the nuts oil has gone off in a nut there is no way of fixing them.

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